Spacious Room with Homely Feel.

With 12 meticulously designed rooms and suites, Hotel Shiva’s Dream Chitwan offers a ducal experience combining both the modern days facilities and traditional lifestyle led by the villagers of the 20th century of Tharus.


Perfect for anyone

We designed the room in a way that it is perfect for almost anyone from family to couple and friends.


Beautiful design

Not just any room, you deserve a home wherever you go.


Amenities Equipped

From reading table to flatscreen TV to hi speed wifi, we got you covered.


BIG Bathroom

Relax after a long day of jungle activities in your own bathtub and heal for tomorrow.

Most of these spacious Standard rooms are ideal for families, couples or single fellow travelers. The door leads to open-plan Room, which has walk-in wardrobes and a king size bed plus a single bed. In addition to the essentials we provide accessories to make you feel more at home like sweet incense, Books, Scented Candles with pillows. The large tiled bathrooms have a hand basin and a separate shower. From 40 square meters. We provide a bathtub aswell with hot and cold water all year round. There is also a balcony which has a personal out space for the rooms to relax and read enjoying the view.

A whole new experience

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